Huldit - Bike Lock Holder (Medium)

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Looking for a way to hold that pesky old bike lock without it noisily bouncing around over every bump or scratching off that fresh paint? Well, worry no more because the Huldit is your solution!

Not only does the Huldit reduce noise and scratches by putting a soft layer of fabric between your lock and paint, but it also reduces the risk of your lock falling off your handlebars mid-ride!

This device can hold U-locks and pretty much any other object of similar size/shape! It has adjustable straps to fit most types of locks or items, as well as two additional adjustable straps to fit different sized or shaped bike frames. Note: Thick top tubes with circumferences larger than 6.5 inches will be too large for this holder. If your frame is larger than 6.5 inches, and you want to purchase this product please contact us at

The device also comes with a rubber-woven strap to further secure your U-lock to your frame.  

Huldit is also extremely lightweight weighing in at only 1.4 ounces!


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Holds The Kryptonite New-U - New York Fahgettaboudit Mini

It holds the Kryptonite New-U - New York Fahgettaboudit Mini in place on your frame. What more can you ask for?


love this product. very effective to hold my bike lock. have no complaints. i've been using this for 2 years, only got another one because old one got stolen, but it was in good condition and i expect that it would have lasted for about 3-5 more years

Simple, US-Made Solution to Kryptonite’s Poor Lock Mount

After dealing with a poorly designed mount for my Kryptonite U-lock that constantly wiggled loose and ended up scratching the paint on my bike, I was pleased to find a simple solution to keep my lock conveniently secured on my bike while riding around town. It’s easy to setup, lightweight, and has provided good padding and noise reduction between my lock and bike while I ride.

Really happy

I ordered two Huldits - for me and my boyfriend - and we're both happy. They're so great that we're worried about is that someone will steal these on the streets of London, so we actually take them down every time we stop/park somewhere.

Worth the money

Searched everywhere for something like this. Seems like this is the one company that makes it. It's as easy and convenient as in their video clip.