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Information & Questions – Huldit

Information & Questions

Where does the Huldit go?

On most bike a good secure location is on the top tube. However, depending on your bike or preference, you might like a different location. Here a customer chose to put it on their Huldit on their seat tube. Always insure the Huldit is out of the way of moving parts and is securely fastened.


Does the Huldit fit my lock?

Since you can adjust the main strap, Huldit can fit most size locks. However we also offer XS, Small, and Large Huldit lock holders to fit those less commonly sized locks.


Does Huldit ship worldwide? 

Yes! We offer world wide shipping. We don’t mark up the shipping price. We offer it to you at the same price we pay.


Does the Huldit fit the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit lock? 

Yes, it sure does! We recommend our medium size. 


Does the Huldit Lock Holder work on step through frames?

Yes, our product works on step through frames. When attaching the lock holder, please insure you have room between the wheel and the base of the U lock (indicated by the red arrow in the photo below). You may want to hold your lock in a place you think you would mount it and see if your wheel can still turn.