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Bike Lock Holder (Small) – Huldit
Bike Lock Holder (Small)

Bike Lock Holder (Small)

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The Huldit Bike Lock Holder 

Let's face it, it is annoying to put your U lock in your backpack, pocket, or on your handlebars. The Huldit Bike Lock Holder is the perfect solution to mount your lock onto your frame in a way that is secure and easy to access.

The Huldit Bike Lock Holder is now available in a small size! 

This lock holder has two rubber-woven straps that adjust to fit most sizes/styles of bike frames. 

The device also comes with an additional rubber-woven strap (the one with the USA flag on it) to further secure your U-lock to your frame.  

 Huldit is also extremely lightweight weighing in at only 1.3 ounces!

Wondering what size to buy?

Check out our sizing guide here.


Small Size Lock Holder works with:

    • Product dimensions: 3.25” (measured from the inside of the U)
    • And many more locks measuring 9 to 11 inches in circumference

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
NamQuyen Le
Great product

I have a Kryptonite mini messenger u-lock with the wheel extender accessory, and I was looking for something to help hold it to my bike frame that I use for regular commuting. After weeks of research, this seemed like the best option compared to lugging around in a bag, etc. It is an extremely simple and effective constructive, with high quality velcro that makes sure everything stays in place. I commute regularly in DTLA where the streets are hit-or-miss (figuratively and literally) and this u-lock holder is perfect. Thanks for making this :)

Perfect Product

I ordered a second one since I love this so much. Fits every U lock I have.

Wonderful Product

Overall I'm very pleased with the Huldit bike lock holder. I use my bike for around town errands and long rides, so I wanted something that would provide easy access to the lock while holding it securely enough to not rattle on rough roads. After researching a handful of alternatives, the Huldit seemed like the most elegant and effective solution, and I'm happy to say that it lives up to all the positive reviews. It's easy to use, seems like it'll last forever, and holds on snugly to my Kryptonite Mini-5.

The only downside I can think of is that due to the positioning of the lock on the side of the frame, as opposed to in-line, it occasionally brushes up against my knee when I'm pedaling out of the saddle (i.e. standing up). I have my lock positioned near the headtube as far forward as possible, which I can do because the Mini-5 is a compact lock. If I had a larger lock that needed to be positioned rearward on the frame, I would definitely check first to make sure there's enough clearance so that it doesn't brush-up against the inside of your leg.

Very good, can also hold bigger locks if needed

The design is very good, and well executed - lock is held firmly, and it's easy to take out (if a regular U-lock, see below). The U-shackle holder strap is genius - it stays on the bike, and is also easy to use due to the design of the hook & loop surfaces. Fitting it may take some time, especially if you ride a steel frame with thin tubes (attaching the shackle strap to a seatstay isn't really possible).

If you want to use this with a Messenger-style lock, i.e. one with an extra U-shackle, size up and be prepared to loosen the main loop a bit on occasion. Works, but obviously a bit more complicated than just sliding the lock in.

For a regular U-lock it doesn't really get any better than this. It looks neat, doesn't rattle, holds the lock securely and is very, very easy to use when locking your bike.

Randolph Byers

This is perfect!