Bike Lock Holder (Small) - BACKORDER

Bike Lock Holder (Small) - BACKORDER

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We apologize, the small lock holder is on BACKORDER. New orders will ship in 4 weeks.

The Huldit Bike Lock Holder 

Let's face it, it is annoying to put your U lock in your backpack, pocket, or on your handlebars. The Huldit Bike Lock Holder is the perfect solution to mount your lock onto your frame in a way that is secure and easy to access.

The Huldit Bike Lock Holder is now available in a small size! 

This lock holder has two rubber-woven straps that adjust to fit most sizes/styles of bike frames. 

The device also comes with an additional rubber-woven strap (the one with the USA flag on it) to further secure your U-lock to your frame.  

 Huldit is also extremely lightweight weighing in at only 1.3 ounces!

Wondering what size to buy?

Check out our sizing guide here.


Small Size Lock Holder works with:

    • Product dimensions: 3.25” (measured from the inside of the U)
  • And many more locks measuring 9 to 11 inches in circumference

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
I'm in love

Finally broke the horrible mount that came with my lock, and was on the verge of replacing it with another horrible mount when a light bulb went off, and I thought, "surely someone has come up with something less horrible." Which is fortunately the case--this holder is superb--no rattling, no marring the bike finish, no pushing the lock back into position as it pivots slowly around the seat tube as I ride. Brings a smile to my face every time I glance down at it.

Size up if in doubt

I'm pleased with the sturdy construction and mounting options this provides, but would advise going with a larger size when in doubt. My lock is just under 11 in circumference and the small holder provided only about 1 inch of overlapping velcro to hold the lock. While it seems like very sturdy velcro, I'm not comfortable trusting that little with more than 1 kg over bumpy roads so returned this and ordered a medium holder (which fits the lock well).


Purchased the small to replace the cheap mount for my kryptonite mini 7. Perfect fit and setup took less than 1 minute.

Huldit Small is great

Just what I was looking for. Holds it tight to frame out of the way of my knees. Velcro feels like it’ll hold up. Fits Kryptolok Mini 7 12.7mm u lock.

Huldit size small

It's perfect!!!!!! Very strong!! It's formidable! My D-lock is heavy (decathlon) and I was locking for a support or an holder and I find the Huldit! This product save my back!!!!