1 Cinching Strap - Bottom Strap for the Huldit Bike Lock Holder

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This cinching strap is great to secure cables together, attach objects to your bike, and much more.

This strap is made in the USA with quality materials that will last. It features rubber woven into the strap to help provide a non-slip surface and to secure your objects. 

Did you loose the bottom strap for your Huldit Bike Lock Holder? This strap is the same strap that is included with the Huldit Bike Lock Holder so if you lost yours, you can buy a new one here. 

Some uses include:

  • Cable organization to make your desk look neater
  • Bottom strap for the Huldit Bike Lock Holder 
  • Attach a pump to your frame
  • Extension cord organization
  • So much more...



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