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Measuring Your Lock With Paper – Huldit

Measuring Your Lock With Paper

Extra Small Lock Holder

Do you not have a measuring tape? Grab a standard 8.5x11” sheet of paper and see if you can wrap the paper, width wise, around your lock (the 8.5" side of the paper). If both sides of the paper touch or have less than a 1 inch gap, the extra small sized Huldit Lock Holder will work for you.  


Medium Sized Lock Holder

It’s time to break out that 8.5x11" sheet of printer paper again. See if you can wrap the longer side of the paper (the 11 inch side) around your lock. If the gap is less than an inch or so, the medium sized lock holder is correct for you.

Large Sized Lock Holder

If you have wrapped the 11" side of the paper around your lock and there is still a gap of 2 inches, the large sized lock holder should be the correct size.