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Bike Lock Holder (Large) BACKORDER – Huldit

Bike Lock Holder (Large) BACKORDER

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The Huldit Bike Lock Holder


!!! Orders will be shipped within 2-4 weeks of being placed as we are waiting on a restock !!!

Looking for a way to hold that pesky old bike lock without it noisily bouncing around over every bump and scratching off that fresh paint? Well, worry no more because the Huldit is your solution!

The Huldit Lock Holder is a simple-to-use and adjustable lock-holding device. The durable rubber woven straps securely grip your frame while reducing potential scratching & noise. 

It has an adjustable strap to fit most large U locks, as well as two additional adjustable straps to fit different-sized or shaped bike frames.


Note: Thick top tubes (or downtubes) with circumferences larger than 6.5 inches will be too large for this holder. If your frame is larger than 6.5 inches, and you want to purchase this product please contact us at

The device also comes with a rubber-woven strap to further secure your U-lock to your frame.  

This larger Huldit Lock Holder was designed to be used with locks 5 to 6 inches wide (measured from the inside of the U). 

Large Size Lock Holder works with:

      • ABUS Granit Extreme 59/180 HB
      • OnGuard Pitbull


      • OnGuard Brute
      • OnGaurd Bulldog ATB
      • Skunklock
      • New York Lock Standard


    • LITELOK X1
    • And many more locks measuring 5 to 6 inches wide (measured from the inside of the U).

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews

The holder is great, but the shipping cost to Germany is a joke.

Holder + shipping: €26.95 + €17.95 + customs fee €13,71, which I only found out about when receiving the parcel! Total cost 56 Euros!!!


This is the only bike lock holder I’ve tried that works. I’ve bought two of them now, needing a larger one for my new Litelock.

The only reason I’ve not given 5 stars is because the shipping costs to the UK are extortionate and it’s a real shame. I think that if the company found a way around this to allow cheaper online delivery, their business would explode (in a good way!)

Does the job. Measure carefully.

Ordered a Large, as the bar that the small stabilizing piece connects to is just over 6.5” in circumference, and it just barely works with about 1” of soft/scratchy overlay connection. Also, I wish there was a way to keep that piece on, instead of completely removing it and then replacing it each time (like other reviewer, Brendan Shaw mentioned). Otherwise, I’m satisfied with the purchase.

Brendan Shaw
Stabilising strap should be better

I bought this for a Hiplock D1000 which doesn't have a way to secure the lock to a bike otherwise, also a frustration from Hiplock. Anyway, this does what it says it will do. It hold the lock pretty securely and the lock doesn't jostle while riding, and I very rarely hit the lock with my leg or knee, and again that's more tondo with the size of the Hiplock. But the one issue is there is a little strap that stabilises the lock when inserted through the main part of the Huldit. When I take the lock out, i should be able to keep the piece strapped on to the frame without having to specifically feed the loop back and forth. The lock slots in the same spot everytime, so the extra strap should be able to permanently connect to my frame and have another but of velcro to then loop over the lock. Other than that, I am happy with it.


Easy setup. Works perfectly