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Bike Lock Holder (Large) – Huldit

Bike Lock Holder (Large)

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The Huldit Bike Lock Holder 

Looking for a way to hold that pesky old bike lock without it noisily bouncing around over every bump and scratching off that fresh paint? Well, worry no more because the Huldit is your solution!

The Huldit Lock Holder is a simple-to-use and adjustable lock-holding device. The durable rubber woven straps securely grip your frame while reducing potential scratching & noise. 

It has an adjustable strap to fit most large U locks, as well as two additional adjustable straps to fit different-sized or shaped bike frames.

The device also comes with a rubber-woven strap to further secure your U-lock to your frame.  

This larger Huldit Lock Holder was designed to be used with locks 5 to 6 inches wide (measured from the inside of the U). 

Large Size Lock Holder works with:

    • ABUS Granit Extreme 59/180 HB
    • OnGuard Pitbull
    • OnGuard Brute
    • OnGaurd Bulldog ATB
    • Skunklock
    • New York Lock Standard
    • LITELOK X1
    • And many more locks measuring 5 to 6 inches wide (measured from the inside of the U).

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Michelle Christopherson
Great Product

I am very pleased with this product. Even though my bike frame is small, I found a great place to attach.

Christopher Spurgeon

the large fits well on my ebike no issues so convenient to take the lock in and out.

Harvey Miller
The large fits'm well (including the huge Skunklock) but. . .

. . .if you care about the paint on your bicycle make sure you use a paint protector, one that is cut to size and squeegeed on.
This can be said about most any U lock holder that attaches to the bicycle frame.
This holder is the best on the market, period. It's fast to mount and use, doesn't interfere with your pedaling, is reliable, holds the U lock solidly on a bicycle frame or bicycle rack at two points or places (top tube is typical) and, is a must have if you're in the market for this type of device. Just be sure to order the correct size.

laura kubisch

This is a great product, it holds my lock securely, and it works better than tossing the lock in my backpack which is what I used to do. Thank you for a great and simple to use product.

Perfect Solution

Throw away the mount that came with your lock and buy this.